Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nocturn 12 - Press The Key And Watch TV

I thought about doing a rather subjective history of TV since I began the emisisons of this radio program. The whole point of Nocturn is to switch on again the imagination (the ability of creating mental images) of the listeners. Children can close their eyes and start their mind travels immediately, but this ability fades away as we grow older. With this Nocturn, you already know most of the images, so it is a kind of training. Unfortunately, it came as the last one due to its complexity. I also have reedited it now (2012) for this blog in order to improve some parts. Stay tuned!

Nocturn 11 - A Walk Through The City

The city as the fluid in wich we live in. It has its own sightscape, odorscape and soundscape. Climb on top of any skyscraper and look at the city through bird's eye view. The city transforms into a mass, bright but cold. Back on the ground, you melt in anonimacy again, the city seems to swallow you between iron and concrete.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Nocturn 10 - Ode To The End Of Times

Slowly, very slowly, the universe is dying. It's not going to be violent. On the contrary, it will be very peaceful, as all the energy contained in the cosmos is getting to a steady state, stopping universal enthropy. All planets and galaxies will rest motionless and, as a consequence of this, time itself is going to stop. In this Nocturn you will only find music: big chorales and delicate string compositions, mostly. All sound effects are actually part of musical pieces. This is music for the Apocalypse by avant-garde composers and ancient traditions.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nocturn 09 - Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7

The evolution of science-fiction has dropped the outer space in order to focus on the virtual space, that generated inside computers. A lot of artists have developped their own futuristic visions, musicians as well. Plug-in with the legendary Ono-Sendai cyberdeck and explore the cyberspace in search for binary codes by the most wanted hackers with wet-wire high-tech implants. Use of earplug headphones is mandatory.

Nocturn 08 - Into The Woods

The woods is not only a forest, it is the metaphore of our subconscious mind. Light and dark fairy tales talk to us about aspects of our psyche. Enter the woods and face your deepest fears. Then, you will arrive at the inner sanctum of the forest, where peace and balance reign. But beware, little girls, wolves may lurk in every guise...

Nocturn 07 - Welcome To Lynchtown

David Lynch is an extraordinary movie maker for, among other reasons, the amount of care he puts in the sound and music in his films. His movies are often set in industrial small towns, we can call them generically Lynchtown. This is a tribute mix to this visionary director, using sound materials from his films, soundtracks and musical albums. You are about to visit the darkest places but also the most sublime and pure. Welcome.

Nocturn 06 - Ganges, a sonic postcard from India

Our next destination is the exotic India (not for the indians, though). Wander through the streets of a crowded indian city, smell the spices in the markets and start dancing to the catchy grooves you can hear everywhere. If you feel tired you can always visit some temples and learn about the importance of water. This is going to be a transformative journey, through thick clouds of incense.

Nocturn 05 - Train Bound To Somewhere

Grab your ticket and step in, the train is about to depart with a lot of squeaking iron and hissing steam to a romantic and imaginary destination. But the most important thing is, as in all travels, to enjoy the itinerary. Fortunately enough, this is a long distance sleeping car train.

Nocturn 04 - Far, Far West

This is an imaginary Western. It has anything you expect from it: gunfights, horse riders, sunsets, a lot of soil dust... But also some of the most beautiful landscapes and mystical experiences. Warning: this Nocturn is like a a glass of peyote and the most cinematic experience. Drink it with caution, you never know where it is going to "lead" you.

Nocturn 03 - The House Of Horrors

They are awake and they want your soul. Evil spirits lurk and some incantations can bring them back to life. Are you brave enough to hear them and to risk your body to an evil possession? Nightmarish ambiences, haunted houses and some of the most innovative composers await you in this terrorific adventure.

Nocturn 02 - Across The Seven Seas

The boat sirens signal the start of your travel through the endless oceans but this travel is going to take you into an adventure from the surface of the calm sea to the bottom depths of the abyssal waters in turmoil. Bring your swimsuit, learn to whistle some sailor tunes and prepare to face some underwater "monsters".

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nocturn 01 - The Conquest Of Space

A fantastic sci-fi journey evoking the glory of the first steps in the conquest of space. Sonic depictions of the world of retrotomorrow: the dangers, the awesome sights, the technology... Close your eyes, let your mind go and follow the pioneers into uncharted waters, but beware, this is not just a music playlist.