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In the Audio Files section you will find the posts, consisting of a short text description and the link for downloading the corresponding radio emission, just under the picture illustrating each theme. Once downloaded, you can either put the files in your MP3 player or burn the files onto CD.  

To achieve the maximum from the possibilities offered by Nocturn, I recommend the following:

1. Listen them with headphones. The better the headphones, the better the immersion.
It is better to wait for an appropriate hearing situation, such as at night (when it's actually intended for), in the dark, laying in bed, eyes closed, or at nap time.  

2. Nocturn is proposing you an individual inner experience, so it's designed for listening while you are alone. It is not advisable to listen the audio files in the car. A focused listening is required to live the situations in your mind and it will allow you to discover a lot of detail and nuance in the mixing, but it can draw your attention from driving very easily.

3. Start from the beginning and let the music run through the end without interrupting the hearing. Completely avoid fastforwarding, rewinding and skipping sections. I took a lot of care with the timings in order to achieve certain psychological effects at certain points. Sometimes, a little boring moments are deliberately put there to prepare you for what's coming next.
If you listen all the whole programs, no doubt that you will discover a lot of excellent music.

This is not a "blog" in the traditional sense. There were only 12 programs produced and I started this site just to make available these audio files. Therefore, I'm not going to post anything else here that has no relation with them. But, of course, I have some ideas for mixing new sound collages that maybe I will upload here in the future as brand new Nocturns. But meanwhile, are you ready to start travelling without moving?

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