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·from the French which meant nocturnal, from Latin nocturnus, is usually a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night.  (from Wikipedia)

·work of art dealing with evening or night; especially  a dreamy pensive composition. (from Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Nocturn was the title of a radio program I conducted between 2004 and 2005 while I was the Programming Chief at my village's small local radio station, Ràdio Celrà. The global internet is now my airwaves. The program consisted of 1 hour of soundflow without any spoken intervention. The flow was a mix of music, sound effects and other sound sources, mixed and altered by myself according to a thematic concept. These ellaborate soundscapes, or thematic sound collages, had the purpose of providing a soundtrack for an imaginary film the listeners have to shoot in their minds. Nocturn wants to activate the ability of imagination of the listener. These soundscapes can be literal or metaphorical, contemplative or descriptive. They often describe a travel, collect materials on a particular subject or genre, but they are always unashamedly escapist and fantasy oriented. Each program wants to take you to different mental states, from deeply relaxing ones to really unsettling ones with only the suggesting power of sound. 

The emissions ran for a year and 12 programs were produced at an airing pace of one program per month. The program was aired weekly during sundays-to-mondays nights from 00 a.m. to 01 a.m. repeating the same program during the month, starting on september 2004.

As I want your attention to completely focus on the music, I have not written any tracklist for any post. Music sources range from film soundtracks, experimental artists, contemporary music albums, some pop tunes and a variety of sound effects sources and sonic manipulations. You will know some of the music and some other you will not know. I would like you to not know any of the music contained here for a perfect mental experience but, of course, if you think you can not live from now on without knowing a specific piece of music in a specific Nocturn, you are allowed to ask me. In fact, most erudite listeners can play the game of guessing the tracklist for each Nocturn. It's actually a very funny game. And please, if you listen to the Nocturns and you like them, let me know and leave a comment. All comments are welcome :) except trolls :(

I took the idea for Nocturn from another radio program aired in 1990 on Catalunya Ràdio called Soundtrack, made by Manuel Huerga, Jordi Beltrán and Carles Cayuela. This was an attempt to include an experimental radio emission inside a very mainstream radio station. Unfortunately but predictably, there was not any other attempt to do that. 14 years later I came up with Nocturn as my personal contribution to this kind of radiophonic UFOs, firmly believing that there's people out there, like myself, interested in this kind of specialized and demanding radio programs. I hope someone will take some inspiration from my notturnos and will take over the task until this kind of emissions will become common in mainstream radio stations.

About me:

My name is Jordi Casadevall. I am an audiovisual sound engineer and music composer based in Barcelona. I like to work in projects where I can mix the two facets, the technical one and the artistic one. As a sound engineer I have a strong interest in music and sound design in movies, recording, editing and mixing. I have always sought the sound correspondences for visual arts whenever I have had the opportunity. You can listen to my first soundtrack for a feature film, La Lapidation De Saint Etienne. Since 2000 I have mixed a number of sound collages for artistic exhibitions (photography, painting, sculpture) and performances, such as David Ymbernon's or Marcel·lí Antúnez's, among others. My own musical interests brought me to Bali in order to learn traditional gamelan music and also to start a collaboration with François Baschet, the pioneer creator of the Sound Sculptures, culminating in the creation of the Baschet Sound Sculpture Workshop at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University Of Barcelona.


I had the immense privilege of having a great voice for the jingles you can hear from time to time and in the signature opening and ending tune. That is the voice of Carles Sales, a very well known catalan actor (theater plays, TV, films, dubbing actor...) with a splendid voice. Thank you Carles for adding your talent to my project!

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